Philly Veg Spots: 2018 Super Bowl Edition

Watching the Super Bowl this past Sunday, I was reminded of our short visit to Philly in August 2017.  After taking our son back school in Binghamton, NY we wanted to see if Philadelphia, PA lived up to its reputation as a veg friendly city.

It did!  Although not a football fan, I envy the parade goers at today’s celebration of the Eagles’ big win.  Can’t wait to go back for another trip to Goldie & Hip City Veg.

Goldie has one location, and it was so great I visited twice in one day.  Two milkshakes in one day!  Mint chocolate chip and original (I believe they are tahini based, which sounds odd but could not have been more satisfying).  There are four items on the entire menu, yet the line is out the door.  Interesting little old place.  Falafel wraps, falafel salad, French fries & shakes…that’s it!

Right next door is Philly Pretzel Factory.  Crazy full from my (first) shake, how could I pass up a fresh, soft pretzel?  You know that sweet/salty thing.  So good!

Hip City Veg has three locations in Philly and one in Washington, D.C.  Breakfast sandwiches (sorry, no pic) fueled our morning deliciously, then off to the Liberty Bell.  It’s not ALL about the food.  Super friendly staff, as is usually the case in plant-based eateries.  Clean and bright, find one next time you’re in town.  Asked the manager to please bring this fine fare to Long Island.  Fingers crossed.

We’ll be back in Philly to continue our veg pilgrimage.  Congrats to the Eagles!!!

Veg Options Now Cool on LI!

Chain restaurants offering plant-based meals have been around for a long time…just not on Long Island.  Why must it take a YEARS before we get to enjoy?  Well, no doubt you’ve noticed, things are changing.

Purple Elephant, Tula Kitchen, and Plant Wise offer incredible veg dishes!  Unique places, so grateful for their creative menus!  Welcome CoreLife Eatery (a must when up in Binghamton), Vitality Bowls, Chopt, and The Little Beet!  Thank you to Newsday for helping to spread the word about the new veg scene that offers something for everyone.

How exciting when a place advertises tofu dishes and vegan meals!  OBSERVATION…why is it assumed, as in Newsday’s article, that people are drawn to these establishments because they are looking for high protein/low carb meals?  I believe patrons are thrilled to eat fresh vegetables, grains & fruits, satisfying flavor combinations, and (naturally) huge portions.  This is feel-good food.

While eating meals prepared at home are the best way to control salt, fat & sugar intake, it’s sure nice to see this tide turning a bit.  Keep ’em coming 🙂

Corelife blog pic

This & that!

I realize that most if not all of you guys live on Long Island.  Did you happen to see the health section in today’s Newsday?  The subject was kids and nutrition. On the subject of protein,  I was pleasantly surprised NOT to see a recommendation to consume the standard “lean protein (meat), fish and eggs” on a healthy diet.  Progress!

Have you made almond milk yet?  If not, it’s pretty easy to do.  Soak one cup of raw almonds in water overnight (or longer) in the fridge.  Put 3 1/2 cups water into a high-speed blender, add the drained and rinsed nuts.  Blend at high speed about two minutes.  Pour into a nut bag (about $8 on Amazon and lasts forever) and squeeze out the milk into a bowl.  Done!  If you want sweetened or vanilla almond milk, add two dates, a touch of cinnamon and a splash of vanilla extract before blending.  Same process.  If you do not have a Vitamix, consider getting one.  Pricey, no doubt.  It does amazing things.  You will never tolerate a regular blender again.


This picture is huge!  I’ll work on that.  BTW glass bottles purchased at Target and Homegoods.  Perfect size and so cute.

One last thing.  Have I mentioned the Baconut recipe from Dreena Burton?  Another delicious recipe from her latest book Plant-Powered Families .  Coconut flakes (not shredded) coated with spices, tamari, balsamic and liquid smoke.  Bake at 275 degrees 25-30 minutes.  Game changer!  BLTs, fries with cheeze, hummus on baked potatoes, waffles…I top everything with baconut.


Well, back to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Wondering what delicious foods await me tomorrow.  The wheels are turning.  Any ideas to share?  Thanks, all!






Hi, guys!  Hope you’ve been well.  This week we celebrated milestone birthdays for my two sons…21 & 18.  Do you find yourself overcome with memories when the kids celebrate another year?  Happy for them, sad for me…but it’s not about me.  So, I do what any normal mother would do – turn to sugar.

No, really, lots of birthday baking this week.  Sent 100+ chocolate chip cookies to RPI for Tom to share with his fraternity bros. They were vegan, but I’m sure he neither knew nor cared.  These are special occasion cookies, using Earth Balance…decadent!

Jack requested the chocolate cake from Plant-Powered Families.  Double the recipe for an amazing layer cake.  Sweet potato adds moisture and is in both the chocolate cake and the frosting (plus plenty of sugar and almond butter).  Gluten free, too.  Had to show you…

Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts.  Still learning the ins and outs of blogging…I appreciate your patience!  So many fun tips and ideas out there to share.  Have a beautiful weekend, friends.  Life is sweet!





Rainy days

John (my husband) suggested I NOT just discuss food on this blog.  I realize not everyone is as interested in this subject as I am.  I get it.  Forgive my indulgence.  Last night’s dinner was simple, quick & nutritious.  Red Lentil & Vegetable Soup  from Good Housekeeping Family Vegetarian Cooking.  Links will be provided for those interested, as soon as I develop more blogging skills.  It’s been so cold and rainy, soups just hit the spot.  Look forward to sharing many topics with you…what’s your passion?


Enjoy your evening, my friends!



Some like it hot!

If you enjoy food with a little kick, consider this dish.  This recipe for Buffalo Beans & Greens can be found in The Plant Pure Nation Cookbook by Kim Campbell.


It has it all…brown rice, sautéed kale & pinto beans, all topped with baked tempeh.  A wing sauce and liquid smoke marinade combined with the coolness of the Blue Cheez dressing (also in this cookbook) and a touch of hot sauce, this meal is part of our weekly rotation.  That’s quite an honor!

Never would I have thought to put together these ingredients, but it works.  Hats off to the ingenious plant-based recipe creators out there!!!



Happy Valentine’s Day

Pressure cooker cheesecake?


Who knew!  I haven’t tasted cheesecake in years.  Big thanks to Jill Nussinow  (Vegan Under Pressure) for her Cashew Lemon Cheezecake recipe.  All you need is a springform pan to fit your pressure cooker and a few simple ingredients.  Back in the day, I believed a portion was the size I ordered at Cheesecake Factory…you know, the one that left you feeling not quite right the rest of the day.  Funny thing, now a smaller serving of plant-based treats does the trick. Adding a few organic blueberries, this special dessert was SO satisfying.  Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!