Philly Veg Spots: 2018 Super Bowl Edition

Watching the Super Bowl this past Sunday, I was reminded of our short visit to Philly in August 2017.  After taking our son back school in Binghamton, NY we wanted to see if Philadelphia, PA lived up to its reputation as a veg friendly city.

It did!  Although not a football fan, I envy the parade goers at today’s celebration of the Eagles’ big win.  Can’t wait to go back for another trip to Goldie & Hip City Veg.

Goldie has one location, and it was so great I visited twice in one day.  Two milkshakes in one day!  Mint chocolate chip and original (I believe they are tahini based, which sounds odd but could not have been more satisfying).  There are four items on the entire menu, yet the line is out the door.  Interesting little old place.  Falafel wraps, falafel salad, French fries & shakes…that’s it!

Right next door is Philly Pretzel Factory.  Crazy full from my (first) shake, how could I pass up a fresh, soft pretzel?  You know that sweet/salty thing.  So good!

Hip City Veg has three locations in Philly and one in Washington, D.C.  Breakfast sandwiches (sorry, no pic) fueled our morning deliciously, then off to the Liberty Bell.  It’s not ALL about the food.  Super friendly staff, as is usually the case in plant-based eateries.  Clean and bright, find one next time you’re in town.  Asked the manager to please bring this fine fare to Long Island.  Fingers crossed.

We’ll be back in Philly to continue our veg pilgrimage.  Congrats to the Eagles!!!

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