Veg Options Now Cool on LI!

Chain restaurants offering plant-based meals have been around for a long time…just not on Long Island.  Why must it take a YEARS before we get to enjoy?  Well, no doubt you’ve noticed, things are changing.

Purple Elephant, Tula Kitchen, and Plant Wise offer incredible veg dishes!  Unique places, so grateful for their creative menus!  Welcome CoreLife Eatery (a must when up in Binghamton), Vitality Bowls, Chopt, and The Little Beet!  Thank you to Newsday for helping to spread the word about the new veg scene that offers something for everyone.

How exciting when a place advertises tofu dishes and vegan meals!  OBSERVATION…why is it assumed, as in Newsday’s article, that people are drawn to these establishments because they are looking for high protein/low carb meals?  I believe patrons are thrilled to eat fresh vegetables, grains & fruits, satisfying flavor combinations, and (naturally) huge portions.  This is feel-good food.

While eating meals prepared at home are the best way to control salt, fat & sugar intake, it’s sure nice to see this tide turning a bit.  Keep ’em coming 🙂

Corelife blog pic

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