Hi, guys!  Hope you’ve been well.  This week we celebrated milestone birthdays for my two sons…21 & 18.  Do you find yourself overcome with memories when the kids celebrate another year?  Happy for them, sad for me…but it’s not about me.  So, I do what any normal mother would do – turn to sugar.

No, really, lots of birthday baking this week.  Sent 100+ chocolate chip cookies to RPI for Tom to share with his fraternity bros. They were vegan, but I’m sure he neither knew nor cared.  These are special occasion cookies, using Earth Balance…decadent!

Jack requested the chocolate cake from Plant-Powered Families.  Double the recipe for an amazing layer cake.  Sweet potato adds moisture and is in both the chocolate cake and the frosting (plus plenty of sugar and almond butter).  Gluten free, too.  Had to show you…

Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts.  Still learning the ins and outs of blogging…I appreciate your patience!  So many fun tips and ideas out there to share.  Have a beautiful weekend, friends.  Life is sweet!





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